sandmerit™ Innovation

Malaysia’s Award Wining KPI System drives company goals and builds goal-driven teams. The SandMerit™ System comprises of the sandmerit™ KPI Workshop and the SandMerit™ KPI Software.

Proper KPIs are established in the workshop
Change Mindset > Clear Direction > Everyone knows how to contribute

KPIs are tracked with best-in-class award winning software
Easy to implement and track > Evaluate performance fairly > Grow connections

The sandmerit™ KPI Workshop

Our workshop ensures a higher degree of success in the building of a high-performance culture.

Here is a peek at what goes on in a sandmerit™ KPI Workshop

sandmerit™ Software

Innovation at Work

You need sandmerit™ KPI Software when:

Employees are not motivated to work harder
Employees feel that the bonus they receive is unfair
You are not sure how to define KPIs for non-sales positions
Your managers complain that your appraisal form is
     not relevant
You want to start tracking employee performances easily
     and quickly

Really, Why Choose sandmerit™?


Apply 50% matching grant up to RM5,000 per company for sandmerit™ KPI Software!

Certified Trainers

Trainers are Certified Performance Management Professionals from the KPI Institute.

Experienced in in-house training

We provide experienced trainers for in-house training and consulting to SMEs (sandmerit™ YouTube channel)

KPI Software Design Catered for Industrial Needs

KPI software design is based on professional HR frameworks; extensions to Talent Management modules such as 360 Assessment, Training Management and Competency Management, and also operative HR such as Payroll, Leave and Time Attendance

Scalable Software

Software is scalable to cater to public listed and MNC sizes

Good Testimonials from Participating Clients

Testimonials and success stories - click here

Certified HRDF Training Provider

You can claim from your HRDF funds

MDEC Technology Service Provider

Get up to 50% of software cost funded by the SME Digitalisation Initiative grant

HRMAsia Best HR Tech

Recognised as a top provider of Employee Performance Management Solution.

The solution you need to drive company goals and build goal-driven teams!